Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (2024)

Raise your hand if loungewear makes up the majority of what you’re wearing right now. Me too. Seriously, all I want to wear right now are soft, stretchy pants that are pretty much one step up from pajamas. Life is currently nutty, and loungewear is like the wardrobe equivalent of Xanax.

Best Joggers? Vuori vs. Lululemon

When I did a review on a bunch of joggers back in May, my favorite pair, hands-down, was the Align Joggers from Lululemon. Crazy comfortable, soft, stretchy — I wrote that they were EVERYTHING I wanted in a pair of joggers. The Vuori joggers were out of stock at the time of that article, but the fabric of their Lunar Pants totally sold me on everything Vuori. So when I saw the joggers were back in stock, I ordered them immediately. Now the big question: which pair is my favorite?? Let’s find out…

Vuori Halo Performance Joggers (left) vs. Lululemon Align Joggers (right)

Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (1)

Vuori Performance Joggers (m) | Lululemon Align Joggers(10)

Vuori Halo Performance Joggers — Size Medium

These pants arrived two days after I ordered them (I didn’t pay for rush shipping), which is crazy all the way up here in Marquette. Advertised as “the pants you’ll never want to take off,” these joggers 100% live up to that title. They’re SO good, you guys. They have a “slim butrelaxedfit,” which basically means they’re not baggy or oversized, nor are they skin-tight like leggings. The slightly cropped leg worked in my favor (I’m 5’4″) because most pants are too long on me. And while they don’t look cropped on me, you can check out the picture to see how they look on a taller model.

One of my favorite features is the waistband — it’s not tight or constricting (which I was worried about) and can be worn up high with the drawstring cord tied tighter or lower without creating a muffin top. Most joggers just aren’t that versatile when it comes to fit. The fabric is incredibly soft, moisture-wicking, and can be washed and dried, (which I’ve done many times with no issues of pilling or shrinking).

Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (2)

Vuori Performance Joggers (m) | Hanro Cami

Loungewear Set 1: Vuori Halo Performance Joggers & Essential Hoodie

(Size Medium)

Since I loved the fabric so much, I thought I’d try the hoodie as well. Made from the same crazy-soft-stretchy-comfort fabric, I LOVE these two together. It’s such an easy outfit that’s perfect for everything from lounging to travel–and while I’m not doing a ton of traveling these days, we did go to a hotel so the kids could swim, and this made packing a breeze. I wore it as a cover up over my suit, pjs to sleep in and my outfit when I went to grab dinner. If you live in Marquette and see me around town, there’s a good chance I’ll have this one on.

Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (3)

Vuori Performance Joggers (m) | Vuori Halo Essential Hoodie(s)

Vuori Halo Performance Joggers — Size Small

As a size 6/28, I wasn’t sure what size to get so I ordered both a medium (8-10 according to their sizing chart) and a small (4-6). The small was just a tad too small — I blame my booty. I just couldn’t get them to lay right. The waist wasn’t too tight and they were still really comfortable, but they weren’t as flattering because of the pull from behind. I’d say size up if you’re in between sizes and/or have bigger hips and booty. The good news is that they’ll be insanely comfortable even if they’re slightly too small because of the forgiving waistband.

Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (4)

Vuori Performance Joggers (s) | Hanro Cami

Loungewear Set 2: Vuori Halo Performance Joggers & Essential Hoodie

(Size Small)

I think I might like the fit of this hoodie slightly better, but it’s pretty close. Both are crazy comfortable–they’re lightweight and stretchy so there’s no constricting feeling whatsoever. I think my ultimate ideal sizes would be a medium in the joggers and an xs in the hoodie–which makes sense with my body shape.

Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (5)

Vuori Performance Joggers (s) | Vuori Halo Essential Hoodie(xs)

Lululemon Align Joggers

I’m literally sitting here, feeling the fabric of both the Lululemon joggers and the Vuori joggers to try to see which one is softer–and I’m afraid it’s going to have to be a tie in that regard. These are made from “buttery-soft” Nulu™ Fabric (80% Nylon,20% Lycra® Elastane) that’s lightweight and sweat-wicking with 4-way stretch. And while the Vuori joggers are 89% Polyester and 11% Elastane, I can’t really tell any difference when feeling them. They’re both crazy soft.

These are advertised as high-rise, but since I sized up to a 10 (I’m typically a 6/28, and I heard Lululemon runs small–you can see pics of me in the size 8 here) I think they ended up as more of a mid-rise on me. And while but they can’t really be worn both high on the waist and lower like the Vuori joggers can, the waistband is smooth and stretchy with no muffin top or tightness. The pockets on the Lululemon lay flat while the pockets on the Vuori joggers are made of extra fabric (which is why I couldn’t get the smaller size to lay right). There’s also a back pocket in the actual waistband of these, and my phone fits vertically into it (although the top sticks out a bit).

Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (6)

Lululemon Align Joggers(10) | Hanro Cami

Lululemon Align Joggers & Hoodie

Lululemon’s Hoodie Define Jacket is made from that same buttery soft Nulu™ Fabric, but it looked a bit too tight for me. So when I want that matching top-and-bottom look, I just add a black sweatshirt or hoodie like this one from ABLE (currently sold out but this one is similar). I love this half-zip sweatshirt from Lululemon as well as this oversized crewneck.

Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (7)

Lululemon Align Joggers(10) | similar hoodie

And The Best Joggers Winner Is…

I’m keeping both the Lululemon and the Vuori. I know. But, I’m wearing enough loungewear that they’re both getting a ton of wear. And like I said above, they’re both crazy soft and comfortable. I think if you’re debating between the two, it may come down to the difference in length (the Vuori’s are shorter at 25″ and the Lululemon’s are 28″) or color preference (they both have multiple colors and patterns to choose from). Because both of these joggers get my vote.

**Update: Vuori now sells a longer length (27.5″) of their Performance Joggers!



ps: This one’s for the pinners…

Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (8)
Vuori vs. Lululemon: Battle Of The Joggers (2024)
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