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Discover a user-friendly, versatile video editing software for both professional content creators and aspiring beginners. Trim, cut, and merge video clips, add transitions, effects, captions, audio, and more.

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Video editor for PC is available for downloading on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 and 7.

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Icecream Video Editor’s main features

Explore the functionalities of the simple video editing software to gain a better understanding of what it can do.

Ease of use

Icecream Video Editor allows even users with minimal technical expertise to edit videos, add motion, stickers, and effects without the need for extensive manuals. Combine videos, photos, and background audio on a single intuitive timeline with a user-friendly GUI.

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Supported formats

The video editor provides support for a wide range of popular video, image and audio formats, including MP4, AVI, WEBM, MOV, JPG, PNG, GIF, MP3, WAV and more.

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Quick sharing

Users can upload edited videos to the cloud, share links to their projects with other users, and track views.

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Fancy transitions

Icecream Video Editor offers 20+ transitions for videos and 10 motion effects for photos. Use the 'Random' option for a one-click blend of these features.

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Windows video editor

Icecream Video Editor supports the main versions of Windows including the latest Windows 11 and, of course, Windows 10.

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Free to use

The free version includes most of the video editing features you might need. Plus, it doesn't add watermarks to short videos.

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Download Icecream Video Editor - best video editor for your PC

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Cut and split videos

Adjust the length of the original footage in the video editor by Icecream Apps. Split your video into separate scenes in one click or use the ‘Trim’ mode to cut the beginning and the end of the clip.

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Add audio to video

Add background music to your video and customize it as needed: loop audio, tune volume, add effects, fade-in, fade-out, automatically adjust soundtrack to the original audio, and more.

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Add text to video

Quickly add text using one of the style presets. If you need more precise control over the result, you can set color, position, size, and motion speed.

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Change speed

Slow down or speed up the whole video or its parts in a couple of easy steps. Icecream Video Editor provides options from x0,25 to x10 playback speed.

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Resize and crop videos

Crop unwanted parts of the footage and resize your video to better fit the specific aspect ratio. Blurred background for blank parts and auto enlarging features are available.

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Flip and rotate videos

Rotate videos and flip scenes horizontally or vertically. Icecream Video Editor automatically rotates vertically-oriented files to save your time.

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Record voiceover

Add voice-over narration to videos and photos with an intuitive player. Trim the recorded voice to fit the timeline.

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Add subtitles

Create subtitles for your video as text objects or import an SRT file. Adjust color, size, transparency, font and other style setting.

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Convert videos

You can not only edit your video but change its format as well. Icecream Video Editor can convert media to MP4 and WebM video formats or export audio as an MP3 file.

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Manage video projects

All your video projects are automatically saved in the ‘Projects’ section in case you need more time to complete them. Just close the project and get back to it later.

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System Requirements


Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7


Intel®, AMD or any other compatible processor, 2.66Ghz


4GB of RAM minimum (16GB for better performance)

Display resolution

1280x720 minimum

Disk space

100MB - 5GB


English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese Simplified, Traditional Chinese

Free Download

Version: 3.19 - 5/7/2024 (Change log)

Video Editor FAQs

Is Icecream Video Editor safe to install?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download and use not only video editing software but any product by Icecream Apps, too.

How often do you update the Video Editor?

We update the software on a regular basis to introduce new features and keep it bug-free. Please check the Video Editor changelog for more information.

Is Video Editor free to use?

Yes, all main features are available in the Free version of Icecream Video Editor. In PRO version you will be able to add more than 10 scenes to the timeline and export videos longer than 5 minutes without watermark.

Do I need a powerful computer to be able to edit videos?

Icecream Video Editor's system requirements are modest, but we recommend checking the specifications for optimal performance.

Does Icecream Video Editor support 4K videos?

Yes, it supports 4K video editing on Windows 10 and 11, meaning you can work with higher-resolution videos and create content with increased visual clarity.

How to merge several videos into one?

Add all clips to the video editor's media library. Drag and drop them on the timeline in the desired order and add transitions if necessary. Press the 'Export' button to save the result as a single video.

How can I cut a video with Icecream Video Editor?

Import a video to the media library and add it to the timeline. Choose the 'Trim' option to enter the trim mode and select the beginning and end of the scene.

How do I remove part of a video?

Navigate to the point of the video you want to cut and use the 'Split' button to create several scenes. Then simply delete the unwanted segment.

Can I use Icecream Video Editor on a Windows laptop?

Absolutely, free video editor can be installed on Windows laptops. Check the system requirements to make sure your laptop meets them (including OS version).

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Video Editor for PC | Icecream Video Editor (19)

Video Editor for PC | Icecream Video Editor (2024)
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