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Cast, Co-writer and Co-producer for the TV movie 'Little Miss Mania'

Member of the Screen Actors Guild–American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)

Ren Kennedy portrayed Karen in the 2013 television movie 'Little Miss Mania.' The role went on to become one of her most career-defining roles. She also worked as a writer and a producer for the movie.

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Ren Kennedy is a Canadian actress famously known for her television movie'Little Miss Mania.'

Who Is Ren Kennedy?

Ren Kennedy, formerly Karen Kennedy, is an actress, singer, and screenwriter. She got her start as a performer at the age of eight.

Her stage career began in the dramaBeyond the Meadow, where she played a supporting role. She was also a cast in several theatre productions, includingLarger Than Life,Godspell, andMoon Over Buffalo. The actress also appeared in the Downy Unstopables commercial.

In 2011, she made her on-screen debut with the short movieThe Robbery,directed by Javier Ronceros in which she portrayed the role of Madeleine. In 2013, she starred in the filmLittle Miss Mania, one of her career highlights. She worked on the film as both a producer and a writer. Kennedy presently lives in Vancouver, where she had performed in a variety of theatres throughout the city. She is preoccupied with new projects now.

Early Life and Education

Ren Kennedy wasbornin October 1980, Florida. The actress started her career as a performer at the young age of eight when she sang in her school event and received her first appreciation and applause. Since then, she fell in love with the craft and pursued every aspect of performance.

Following her passion for acting, Kennedyenrolledat Vancouver Academy of Music in 1995 and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Opera Performance in 2000. She had performed in opera, musical theater, and theatrical shows. She also took part in an extensive acting course, The Acting Corps. boot camp I and II in 2010 and 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

On-Stage Career

As a student of opera, musical theater, and other theatre varieties, Kennedy had the opportunity of being cast as a fascinating, multi-faceted woman. She also studied under the legendary Shea Hampton.

The actress began her on-stage career with her debut appearance in the drama,Beyond the Meadowas a supporting character. It was a turning point in her professional career, and she went on to play many roles in stage dramas likeMoon Over BuffaloandGodspell.

In the notable playMrs. Barbour's Daughters, she was cast as the main character. The play proves to engage and deliver till the very end, filled with slick comedy, shaped by history, and intermingled with the words of the sublime.

Television Career

In 2011, Kennedy made heron-screen debutplaying Madeleine in the short filmThe Robbery. The short movie follows a story of a young couple who finds themselves stranded on a highway after stealing a bank.

The next year, she starred in two episodes of the TLC seriesUntold Stories of the ERas Dr. Inglis / Julie Cormany from 2012 to 2016. The show is a medical dramatization of true events and bizarre cases in which patients face life-threatening situations as doctors work tirelessly to save their lives in the emergency room.

Kennedy also appeared in the 2013 production titledModel Killers, in which she played the role of a strip club owner.

In 2013, Kennedy portrayed Karen in the television movieLittle Miss Mania. The role went on to become one of her most career-defining roles. Karen, her character in the film, receives a diagnosis, but instead of dreading the worst, she embraces the positive aspects of the condition and uses them to propel her ahead toward her life's aim. She also worked as a writer and a producer for the movie.

The same year, Kennedy was featured in another television movie titledI Am Victoras a Birthday Singer. She had also appeared in the 2018 movieFilthy Swineas Captain Barbara in 2018.

Her upcoming projects includeFabulousas Julie Smalls, Chief Prosecutor Victoria Foster inTranscendent Realms,and Queen Morgana inNephel, The Fallen. All these projects are currently under pre-production.

Downy Unstopables Commercial

The actress was alsofeaturedin the popular Downy Unstopables commercial. She played the character who could not resist and loved the smell of her clothes after using Downy's Unstopables product.

Other Works

She is also a well-known screenwriter. She had co-written for the 2013 movieRed Runwayand the VanCity Culture Lab's production of the playI Am Not A Girlin Vancouver, British Columbia. She is also a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild–American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

I Am Not A Girl Shea Hampton Transcendent Realms SAG-AFTRA

Ren Kennedy | Biography 2021 (2024)
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