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NuEra Pekin Dispensary

NuEra Pekin Dispensary Information

NuEra Pekin dispensary is a verified legal Illinois marijuana retail storefront business with a valid license to sell retail cannabis products. NuEra Pekin has business operations in the city of Pekin, IL and serves the surrounding cities of Tazewell County. NuEra Pekin dispensary was issued storefront license 284.000116-AUDO to sell cannabis products to customers at its storefront business location. NuEra Pekin dispensary has a verified licensed physical storefront location at 3249 Court St Pekin, IL 61554 where commercial cannabis activities are practiced. You can visit this legal Pekin dispensary store in person at this address.

As a Illinois licensed cannabis dispensary, NuEra Pekin will only provide legal marijuana sales during open business hours. Please review NuEra Pekin's hours of operation above or check their website for the most updated information. Most importantly, NuEra Pekin storefront and retail operations are fully secured and under video surveillance at all times.

NuEra Pekin Dispensary Customer Guidelines

Make sure to bring your legal ID. All NuEra Pekin dispensary customers must provide a valid proof of identification and only people 21 years of age or older may enter the store unless they are a medical patient. Medical patients 18 years of age or older with a valid physician's recommendation may also access the dispensary. However, since some dispensaries are Recreational and/or Medical, please call ahead or check the dispensary's website for the most accurate information.

NuEra Pekin's employees verify the age and valid proof of identification of all customers before letting them in the dispensary. Generally, no customer may enter the NuEra Pekin dispensary operations back-office area unless they have a business reason to do so and are at least 21 years of age.

Legal Illinois Marijuana Store Sales

Generally, you will find only marijuana products at this dispensary. As a Illinois licensed cannabis retailer, NuEra Pekin dispensary may only sell and deliver cannabis and marijuana products, marijuana accessories, and branded merchandise or promotional materials. Furthermore, NuEra Pekin will only receive marijuana products for sale from a Illinois licensed cannabis distributor. All marijuana products offered for sale and delivery must comply with all State marijuana packaging and labeling requirements. Specifically, like most businesses with perishable goods, NuEra Pekin is not allowed to sell products to consumers that are expired. See the NuEra Pekin menu for current products offered for sale.

NuEra Pekin Dispensary Return Policy

NuEra Pekin storefront may or may not accept customer returns. Most States do not allow resell of returned marijuana products. For most businesses, there is a no-return policy on all flower, and customers can only return defective cartridges. Specifically, you may only have a certain amount of days to return a cartridge in its original packaging and label. Usually, contaminated products can be returned but require approval from a manager or owner. Please check the dispensary website or call (309) 201-4086 to get the most up to date information. Additionally, most customer returns are destroyed or, if defective, returned to the Illinois licensed cannabis distributor from which they were sourced.

Marijuana Product Package Specifications

NuEra Pekin dispensary will not accept, possess, or sell marijuana products that are not already packaged for final sale to a consumer. Most dispensaries with only a retailer license will not handle raw marijuana flowers or concentrates nor package or label any cannabis goods. All marijuana products purchased or delivered to consumers leave the retail storefront in a sealed and safe package. Most NuEra Pekin marijuana products will either be in an individual child-resistant package or in a child-resistant exit package with all purchased products. Expect all NuEra Pekin marijuana packaging to be resealable, tamper-evident, and child resistant unless the product is immature marijuana plants and seeds.

Record Keeping Requirements

As a legal marijuana retailer, NuEra Pekin dispensary maintains financial records, personnel records, training records, contracts, permits, security records, destruction records, product tracking data, and an accurate record of all marijuana product sales. Depending on the State, generally they will hold these records for up to 7 years. Most importantly, all records are confidential but must be made available to the Illinois Cannabis acting government body upon request.

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NuEra Pekin Dispensary Profile | MAMA'S GANJA (2024)
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