Nier Automata Chapter Select Unlock (2024)

1. The Mercenary - NieR Automata Guide - IGN

  • 28 jun 2018 · Simply, head to the Resistance Camp and talk to the Strange Resistance Woman and choose the option "Request unlocking you-know-what." ...

  • Unlike most games, Nier Automata only requires 80% of side-quests to be completed to earn a trophy or achievement. Some side-quests are interesting and fun,

2. NieR Automata: All Routes and Chapters - list -

  • 19 aug 2021 · NieR Automata: All Routes and Chapters - list NieR Automata ... unlock chapter select, allowing you to get back to the quests you've missed.

  • Last update: 19 August 2021

3. NieR: Automata - How To Unlock All The Endings | A-Z Completion Guide

4. Chapter select is hidden in the menu - Maquette - PSNProfiles Forums

  • 13 mrt 2021 · You can do chapter select by pressing options, then holding left on the dpad while pressing L1 five times. This should allow you to skip ...

  • You can do chapter select by pressing options, then holding left on the dpad while pressing L1 five times. This should allow you to skip around easy and have no need for backup saves on speedruns.

5. The final Nier: Automata secret has been found, over 3 years later

  • 4 jan 2021 · After doing that, the game will skip to the post-credits scene, as well as unlock the chapter select feature and some debugging features.

  • As Yoko Taro said, "(◎血◎)"

6. Nier: Automata - How to Get All Endings - Game Rant

  • It's important to note that ending E is the final ending players should aim to unlock, as it gives gamers the option to delete every game save if they choose to ...

  • Nier: Automata has a total of 26 endings that require at least three playthroughs to unlock. Here's how to get them all.

7. Side Quests | Nier Automata Wiki - Fextralife

  • 5 jan 2023 · ... Chapter Select is unlocked (missing the quest as both 2B and 9S) . These quests are accessible and completable after CH05-02: Goliath Attack ...

  • Nier Automata Wiki Guide with Quests, items, weapons, armor, strategies, maps and more.

8. NieR: Automata New DLC Is the Best Add-on You May Never Play

  • 2 mei 2017 · The key is unlocking the Chapter Select feature, which doesn't happen until you have played through the game three time to get to Ending C or D.

  • With a name like 3C3C1D119440927, who could have guessed the DLC might be a bit confusing?

9. Nier: Automata - Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

  • 31 aug 2020 · Complete the Side Quests. Nier Automata side quest characters among glowing stars. Once players unlock the Chapter Select option, they will ...

  • Nier: Automata's best content appears after beating the game.

10. NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition - Achievements not unlocking

  • You unlock chapter select after the true end so you should be able to load up the last chapter of end b to retry it. Essentially correct but you don't need ...

  • Achievements not unlocking TrueAchievements forum thread - Page 2

11. After almost four years, the last 'Nier: Automata' secret has been found

  • 4 jan 2021 · In a video detailing the cheat, McDonald explained how to input the code on the PS4 version — hold down R2, then press up, down, up, right, left ...

  • A cheat code lets you skip almost the entire game.

Nier Automata Chapter Select Unlock (2024)
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